Boy Pick Up is indeed popular nowadays which means Bubble Gang really rules every Friday night! Too bad I can't watch it! I can't find more boy pick up lines and quotes so I just only had 3. But do not worry because I will surely update this page as soon as I get enough quotes and lines from Boy pick up of Bubble Gang!

Boy Pick-up: Gusto mo makakita ng magic?
Girl: Magic? Oo! Oo!
Boy Pick-up: ... That's nice ...

Boy Pickup: Hindi ikaw yung taong tipong sinasaktan
Girl: Bakit?
Boy Pickup: Dahil matamis ang Champorado!

Boy Dahon: Ikaw yung tipong hindi ini-small.
Girl: Bakit?
Boy Dahon: Dahil ikaw yung tipong inii-BIG!

If you know Boy pick up lines or quotes you can send it here and I will post it along with your name. :)


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